RBC Transit Number
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RBC Transit Number

RBC- Royal Bank of Canada is the largest bank in Canada providing its services to millions of customers there. The bank offers its customers the facility of wire transfer and for the same the customers need to know the transit number of their branch. For those who are wondering "What is my RBC transit number?", here is the complete information for the same.

RBC Royal Bank routing transit number is a 5 digits number which can be found on the bottom of cheques or on the top right corner of the RBC bank’s statement. Customers should be aware of the transit number of their RBC branch they have their account with to make a smooth wire transfer. This number is also known as routing number in the USA and is a must not only for wire transfers but for many other services like automated clearing house services, direct deposits, etc. The number can be even termed as the bank branch address and varies for different states. Many a times, the RBC bank transit number even varies for different branches in same state. So, one must check routing numbers on cheques or other negotiable instrument to ensure safety to wire transfers.

Find RBC Transit Number

A lookup to some of the transit numbers of various branches of Royal Bank of Canada are given below. Replace # with digit "0" to make transit number a five digit one. More transit numbers of various branches can be found online on the website of the bank using the Branch/ATM locator tool. Customers should note that if the incoming funds are from U.S., they should note the routing number or ABA number of the RBC bank is 021000021. Also the bank code or the institution no. of RBC bank is 003. If the funds are coming from some other countries except U.S., customers need to have the Swift Code of the Royal Bank of Canada which is Royccat2. For further assistance, you can contact the customer service center of the bank on various phone numbers available on our RBC Bank Customer Service page.

S.No.LocationTransit Number
3.Adelaide, Toronto#238
4.Dubreuilville, Ontario#1252
5.Complexe Desjardins, Montreal#2931

RBC Bank Routing Number

Routing number U.S. (Incoming Funds)021000021
Swift Code (For International Funds)Royccat2
Institution number (bank ID)003
Routing numbers for USA States
Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Virginia, Alabama and Largo, Florida
Other Florida, FL Banking Centers067012882

Last Updated On: 03/05/2012

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